We All Have Our Own Story To Tell

Let’s make it a good one.

We are thrilled to hear that everyone using Epic Suds body products can feel the quality with each use. It is our intention to bring you the highest quality handmade body products, we only use the best ingredients because you deserve it.

~Traci Rosanbalm
Epic Suds CEO


Hi, I’m Traci, owner and founder of EPIC SUDS. I’m a maker, a crafter, and a business owner-but I’m also a mother. Several years ago, my oldest boy was suffering from anxiety, sleeplessness and ADHD-tendencies.

I didn’t want to make the jump into giving him harsh pharmaceuticals that might affect him negatively the rest of his life – first I wanted to explore less disruptive, more natural solutions. After a lot of research, I ordered my first batch of essential oils.

I had already removed most sugar from our diets, and increased our daily exercise, but it was lavender essential oil that seemed to help keep him calm and regulated.

This discovery thrilled me, and piqued my curiosity to learn more. When I wasn’t taking care of my two adventurous boys, or helping at my family’s dog grooming business, I was researching all the natural ways to keep my boys happy and healthy. I learned that all the fun, yummy, “natural” products I’d been spending my hard-earned dollars on were full of harmful chemicals. Not only that, but they often lacked the kinds of ingredients most necessary to keep skin nourished and healthy. All that money wasted on products that not only didn’t help, they hurt! A one-two punch for a parent trying to make ends meet while doing what’s best for her kids.


My mom and I had made some simple soap in the past, just for fun, and I was ready to take that experience and run with it. I decided to craft some new soap recipes, incorporating my trusty lavender oil, as well as some other heroic new ingredients I’d met along the way.

Once I started, I couldn’t stop! 

Soon, I was making all sorts of bath and beauty goodness. I had so much fun creating and experimenting, and soon I was finding ways to get my boys excited and involved with my mad science. We made Minecraft-inspired soaps for the gamer in the family, Dr. Who-themed massage bars, colorful sizzling bath bombs to make bath time more epic, even football shaped soap in our local team colors.

Nobody should have to choose between fun colorful products (jammed with toxins) and safe healthy products (boring, bland, or foofy-and yes, that’s a technical term). I had finally found my calling: safe, natural, healthy personal care products which are fun for everyone.

More than just good-epic.