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NO harsh chemicals

Natural, safe ingredients you can feel good about putting on yourself and your family. Just because you eat danger for breakfast doesn’t mean you can’t have soft skin.

NO animal testing

100% vegetarian ingredients, never ever tested on our small furry friends. (Seriously, though–only super-villains do that kind of thing. Even grumpy green guys don’t smash bunnies.)

NO lab colors

Colors that pop, made with natural micas, vegetable dyes, and other things you wouldn’t mind if your kid stuck in their mouth. (Might not be real tasty, though–just a heads-up.)

Handmade in the USA

Made from scratch at our secret headquarters in rural Washington state. You can feel good about supporting a local business; we can feel good about putting food on the table. Win, win.

Sustainably sourced

It wouldn’t be very epic to destroy the planet. Our sources are carefully selected; many of our ingredients come from small family businesses right here on the Olympic Peninsula.

Gender-neutral scents

Nothing froofy unless otherwise noted. Our super-natural essential oil concoctions are blended to please nostrils both macho and Marvel-ous. Samples available for sniffing.

Origin Story: From Toxic to Avenger

Hi, I’m Traci, owner and founder of Epic Suds. I’m a maker, a crafter, and a business owner–but I’m also a mother. Several years ago, my oldest boy was suffering from serious anxiety, sleeplessness and ADHD-tendencies. I didn’t want to jump straight to harsh pharmaceuticals that might affect him negatively for the rest of his life–first, I wanted to explore less disruptive, more natural solutions if at all possible. After a lot of research, I ordered my first batch of essential oils. I had already removed most sugar from our diets, and increased our daily exercise, but it was lavender essential oil that finally helped keep him calm and regulated.

This discovery thrilled me, and piqued my curiosity to learn more. When I wasn’t taking care of my two adventurous boys, or working at my family’s dog grooming business, I was researching all the natural ways to keep my boys happy and healthy. I learned that all the fun, yummy, “natural” products I’d been spending my hard-earned dollars on were full of harmful chemicals. Not only that, but they often lacked the kinds of ingredients most necessary to keep skin nourished and healthy. All that money wasted on products that not only didn’t help, they hurt! A one-two punch for a parent trying to make ends meet while doing what’s best for her kids.

Gotham needed a hero. Time to break out the cape.

My mom and I had made some simple soap in the past, just for fun, and I was ready to take that experience and run with it. I decided to craft some new soap recipes, incorporating my trusty lavender oil, as well as some other heroic new ingredients I’d met along the way. 

Once I started, I couldn’t stop! Soon, I was making all sorts of bath and beauty goodness. I had so much fun creating and experimenting, and soon I was finding ways to get my boys excited and involved with my mad science. We made Minecraft-inspired soaps for the gamer in the family, Dr. Who-themed massage bars, colorful sizzling bath bombs to make tub time more epic, even football-shaped soap in our local team colors. Nobody should have to choose between fun, colorful products (jammed with toxins) and safe healthy products (boring, bland, or foofy–and yes, that’s a technical term). I had finally found my calling: safe, natural, healthy personal care products which are fun for everyone. More than just good–epic.

Behind The Mask: Our Mild-Mannered Ingredients

We make all of our products from scratch, using the highest quality ingredients, most of which are certified organic and non-GMO. Many of our ingredients are sourced locally right here on the Olympic Peninsula from other small-town handcrafters like us. Natural and safe are our top priorities in everything we create.

Most of the soaps on the market are closer to detergent than true soap. Natural soap is vegetables oils and fats plus lye: this results in soap plus glycerin, a water-loving humectant that attracts moisture and creates a rich lather.

In many commercial soaps, in order to improve product stability and increase shelf life, the natural glycerin is removed. After the glycerin is removed, their detergent doesn’t lather naturally, so they have to add back in lathering agents like sodium lauryl (and laureth) sulfate (SLS). These sulfates are harsh, and penetrate the skin deeply, affecting the acid balance of your body’s mantle for hours afterwards, irritating the skin, and have been linked to endocrine and hormonal disruption, and even cancer. The glycerin is then used in other, more expensive products, like lotions and creams. (They sell you a soap that strips and damages your skin, then sell you overpriced lotions to fix what they broke? Mmm-hmm. I don’t think the Cap’n would be pleased to hear you use that kind of language.) 

Although these detergent soaps might be cheap, and look slick and unchanging while sitting on a store shelf for years, they are much more harsh on your skin. The total cost–to your health, your planet, and your pocketbook–is just too high. 

In our gentle handmade soaps, the glycerin is kept in the soap alongside our high quality oils and butters (such as organic coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter, and cocoa butter). No need for harsh chemical additives; we use food-grade ingredients to bring you the highest quality body products available. Made fresh, made right.

We use only natural colorants; I don’t want lab-created colorants anywhere near my own kids or myself, and I’m guessing you don’t either. That’s not always simple: long hours of research and countless test batches have gone into the fun colors and creative scents you will find in our soaps and other products. Everything we use has been tested for purity and pH levels, to make sure it is safe and of the utmost quality.

Although our specialty is hand-crafted soaps, we are always tinkering; check back often for new creations.

If you have any questions or concerns about the ingredients in a specific product, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Let’s fight filth together–fearlessly.