Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs

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So much fun in the bath, if you haven't tried one you'll have to check them out. They fizzle to the top of the water and release all sorts of goodness into the bath.

Ingredients: Baking soda, citric acid, tapioca starch, moisturizing oil, essential oil, natural colors.

Specific ingredients:

Lavender - Lavender essential oil, avocado oil

Pink Salt - Pink Himalayan Salt, spearmint essential oil, olive oil

Lemongrass - Matcha green tea, lemongrass essential oil, hemp seed oil.

Black Lava Salt - Black lava salt, activated charcoal, perilla seed oil, lemongrass essential oil, tea tree essential oil, geranium essential oil, rosemary essential oil.

Oats & Honey - Colloidal oatmeal, local farm honey, copaiba essential oil, clove oil.

Medicine Man - Black walnut extract, tea tree essential oil, eucalyptus essential oil, lemon essential oil, peppermint essential oil.

Sea Buckthorn - Sea buckthorn oil, avocado oil, litsea cubeba essential oil, rosemary essential oil.

Coffee & Cream - Goats milk, coffee essential oil.