When Water Does You Wrong

There is absolutely nothing wrong with water in general. Water is as important to us as the air we breathe. And yet, the fact that water is such a willing life giver is the reason why it can be such a terrible culprit to our health. Water helps encourage health and growth. Sounds great right?
Unfortunately water also helps bacteria and mold to flourish. When water is incorporated into a product preservatives must be added. This is why the majority of the liquid soaps you will find in the store are packed full of harsh preservatives. It's just too bad that you are putting all those chemicals on yourself just to use liquid soap. Growing up I always used liquid soap, it was just much easier. That's how I felt about it anyway. I'll tell you though, I never really knew just what I was putting on my body.
Have you ever read the ingredients on the liquid soap bottle. If you get the high end ones there are some really good ingredients in there. Unfortunately the harsh preservatives, fragrances and dyes. I mean seriously, why does there need to be dye in liquid soap.
One of the perks of making handmade soap was that I learned so much about the importance of paying attention to what is actually in the products I'm using. I've even made a shampoo bar, because I just couldn't find a single bottle of shampoo that I was okay with. Although it takes some getting use to, I feel so much better using something with ingredients that aren't scary. 
You might wonder why bar soap doesn't need those harsh preservatives. The handmade soaps I make are made without fillers or preservatives, since they dry out between uses there is no concern with the water and mold factor. So bathe responsibly and...
Fight Filth Fearlessly

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